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There’s a ton of music blogs out there, each of them reviewing, covering and promoting different kinds of music. Some blogs cover similar stuff to what we do here at WFM, however they do it in their cool way!

Also when looking for coverage of your music it can be difficult to find blogs to review if for you, so hopefully this can be a bit of a helping hand for the people who are looking for some bad ass coverage! Some of these blogs have just started out, but I know they have good people behind the scenes.

God Bless the bands – Started by one of our talented writers Lucy Bower, GBTB is one of the hardest working blogs out there. Championing great new up and coming music which everyone should hear, on a wonderous platform!

Affinity – Hosted by one of our very own writers Zoe Waggit, she has so much to share about music she had to have her own blog! Well worth checking out and submitting too!

Bratitude – Co-Created by one of our writers here at WFM (Adam England), Bratitude is a music and culture publication from the South Coast and is made up of talented people!

Sounds Good – Adam has been in staple in music blogging for a LONG time and know’s his shit. Also has one of the most entertaining twitter accounts none to the platform.

HAPPY PEOPLE – HAPPY PEOPLE is a number of things and they’re all awesome. From being a promotions company to a music blog, they’re good at everything and it’s the brainchild of hardworking gal Geo Blackman who we love.

Niamh Louise Photgraphy – Yes, this is not strictly a blog BUT it is a super talented photographer we have the pleasure of working with! Niamh’s work is amazing, if you don’t believe us just check out her work!

Little Dose of Indie (LDOI) – This is also one of the most hard working blogs out there, created by Ellie Howorth! The blog is forever chruning out content, and promoting the best music which you need to hear from guitar bands to acoustic stunners.

Peanut Mixtape – Dale, Peanut and their mixtapes are the stuff of absolute legend in the North East. They’ve got a ridiculous online presence and they’ve reached out into zine form, too. And we bloody love a good zine. 

House In The Sand – We’re obsessed with people who are obsessed with music, so we’re still swooning over HITS. The brainchild of the phenomenal photographer Vannessa Jetwash, she keeps up the good work with a team of creatives including the brilliant Chris Stringer. 

Full Volume – What’s music without conversation? Our pals over at Full Volume cover everything from widely debated topics in the industry to reviewing that song you’ve got stuck in your head. Yup, that one. They’re just that good.

Scientists of Sound – Love this blog, the minimalist design, how carefully each review is put together and the fact it’s run by one person. He keeps his reviews to a minimum, because as Matt rightly states – it’s all about the music.

Indie Midlands – Another excellent blog about the Music Scene around Birmingham, also a great place to get a gig as Morph always has something going on and is worth getting to know!

GrrrlsWithGuitars Focusing on all things Riot Grrrl and Female Guitarists, they do a fantastic job of championing this style of music. Also they do great job of raising awareness of sexism within the Music Industry!

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