Words for Music started in 2011 at as little blog where we reviewed anything and everything to help support writing skills. Over time we’ve developed into a long standing music review site, where we review as much music as we can, no matter how big or small the band/artist is or what genre. If it’s good, we’ll try our best to get it featured!

WFM is not only a music review site, but it’s also a family! We have some amazing people writing for us who’ve been around for a long time. We all care about the material we create for the site. So you know everything that’s published has been developed with consideration and a lot of thought! (Psssst…If you wanna join the gang – get in touch!)

The aim of the site is to give bands/artists a platform where they can reach more ears, and we can create some cool content along the way!

We’re all over Social Media, so be sure to give us look!

If you’d like to feature on the website, read up on the Contact Page and get in touch!

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