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Fake Turins release new track ‘Evergrown’

For decades now, London has been synonymous with the underground music scene; bands such as The Clash and The Yardbirds initially learnt and developed their craft on the intimate stages dotted around the city. 

This has been no different for London-based ensemble, Fake Turins, a group who’s artistic development on stage has, despite lockdowns, caught the eye of many in recent months. Today they released their first single of 2021, their first since the release of 2020’s ‘Legs’. 

The single, titled ‘Evergrown’, builds, in many ways, on the sound of ’Legs’, which received critical acclaim for its experimental instrumentation when it was released in June last year. 

Like ‘Legs’, the new track refuses to be tied down by any genre. It blends a funky dance rhythm section with jazz instrumentation, while synths and guitars give the track an immersive,  psychedelic kind of sound. The track is vocally strong too; frontman, Dominic Rose (who is the group’s only defined member) delivers a compelling performance that further adds to the track’s liveliness. 

It’s the instrumental breaks, though, where the track really comes into its own; their musical complexities create an intoxicating atmosphere vast enough to get lost in and they give a sense of  real completeness to the track.

Overall, the sound of ‘Evergrown’ is as engaging as it is original and the unconventional blend of sounds on the track are key to giving it originality.  The creative musicianship of the ensemble on this track cannot be overrated. 

In short, it’s well worth a listen. 

Words by Adam Jackson-Wright

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