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DEAFDEAFDEAF set to release brand new track ‘Odes’

Manchester’s very own DEAFDEAFDEAF are releasing their newest hard-hitting single by the title of ‘Odes’ on the 30th of April. The Punk four-piece group have only been releasing music since October of 2020 but are proving to be a crowd-favourite. It’s their raw, unadulterated passion during performance that sets them apart from so many in the scene.

‘Odes’ features the pounding ambience of overdriven guitar riffs courtesy of Jack Findlay and

Harry George, the enchanting vocal delivery from Nathan Hill and successfully added intensity on the track from Ellis Whittle on bass and Connor Alder on the drums. Throughout their sound there is a clear demonstration of shoegaze and Punk influences such as ‘Have A Nice Life’ and ‘Slowdive.’ DEAFDEAFDEAF hold a unique and memorable power in the UK Punk music scene because of their previous lively concerts, their unique reintroduction of Punk using modern methods and because of the relatability of their lyrical content.

When discussing the meaning behind the song, vocalist Nathan Hill said “The themes deal with the idea of living life in the moment and how it isn’t necessarily like that in life. Carpe Diem is bullshit because that isn’t what reality is like.” The lyrics such as “I never felt that whole again. Home never felt like home again” contain a realisation of the thin line between perseverance and self-awareness in a constantly shifting society.

Despite DEAFDEAFDEAF’s only recent emergence on the scene, their music proves them to have a promising amount of potential for the future of the band.

Words By Mirjana Lozancic

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