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The Snuts – WL | Album review – The Upcoming

A flawless debut album from one of Scotland’s most exciting young guitar bands.

 West Lothian’s favourite fourpiece have finally released their long-awaited debut album titled ‘W.L’ today, and its safe to say it was worth the wait! The 13-track record is comprised 13 tracks, including old fan favourites going all the way back to 2015 when the band originally formed in Whitburn, West-Lothian. Frontman Jack Cochane describes the album as a collection of milestones and melodies that timestamp a dream becoming a reality.

The album opens on a tender note with with the brand new ‘Top Deck’, featuring an an acoustic guitar, some subtle strings and Cochane’s lovely emotive vocals. The lyrics are beautiful and personal, touching on their experience growing up as teenagers dreaming of being in a band to actually doing it.   

The next two tracks ‘Always’ and ‘Juan Belmonte’ are a nicecontrast with the delicate opening to ‘W.L’; they dive right in, all funk filled with massive hooks and fuzzy guitars. ‘Always’ is a bit darker sonically, and lyrically it’s equally as emotional as ‘top deck’. ‘Juan Belmonte’ oozes style, its infectious and catchy with its repetitive guitar and giant chorus.  

‘All Your Friends’ opens with its distinctive guitar notes and instantly creates the feeling of being at a summer festival, surrounded by your friends and drinking in the sun. It’s fast-paced and features a brilliant bassline and a monstrous chorus, what’s not to like?  

Changing the pace is ‘Somebody Loves You’, a stunning pop track, again showcasing Jacks impressive vocals and leaving you feeling all optimistic with its summer vibe.

The new version of fan-favourite anthem ‘Glasgow’ is massive, it starts out slowly then explodes into a massive soaring chorus as the familiar chord progressions ring out, it is impossible to imagine a Snuts debut without it.

‘No Place I’d Rather Go’ is a stripped back slow-paced love ballad, an ode to West Lothian. Once more the track shows off Jack’s impressive vocal range and long notes. ‘Boardwalk’ follows suit with its slow-tempo and emotive vocals. Tender and melodic it builds beautifully and once more showcases the diversity of their song writing skill.   

‘Maybe California’ contrasts with its infectiously upbeat, feelgood summer vibes and background harmonies. Equally upbeat ‘Don’t Forget It (Punk)’ takes a more playful approach with itsexplosive swaggering punk sound, it’s an anthem packed with attitude as Cochane passionately shouts “fuck your band”.

‘Coffee & Cigarettes’ is a stomping rock anthem that appreciates the simpler things in life and is one of my favourites, and ‘Elephants’ is upbeat and funk infused with more brilliant hooks.

The closing track is ‘Sing For Your Supper’, another huge fan-favourite and is a live set closer for the band that rounds things off nicely. The new version is anthemic and closes the album off on an uplifting note.  

The Snuts announce debut album 'W.L' with accompanying tour - The Indie  Masterplan

The deluxe version of the album also features four brand new tracks titled ‘Blur Beat’, ‘4 Baillie Street’, ‘Microwave’, and ‘Waterbirds’.

In all ‘W.L’ was well worth the wait and is everything you could hope for from a debut album; it has a huge variety of tracks showing off all of their abilities, from sincere pop ballads to vivacious punk bangers to alt-rock anthems, the whole record shows a huge range of emotion and exploration of different styles and genres. More than anything it’s a message of hope for brighter days to come, of summer gigs in the sun with friends, and the story of The Snuts journey from teenagers growing up in Whitburn to the brilliant band they are today.

Listen to the brand new album from The Snuts Below!

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