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the clause
Photo by Louis Hicks

After a long wait, The Clause return with ‘Time of Our Lives’!

Nearly two years on from their massive release of ‘In My Element’, The Clause are finally back with brand new track ‘Time of Our Lives’. This is not to say the Birmingham band haven’t been busy throughout the last year and lockdown as they delivered several covers, hosted a number of live shows and even set up their own Non-profit service providing free food packages called Food For Thought.

With a truck of hype behind it, the band have released their latest track ‘Time of Our Lives’, which sees the Birmingham quartet shifting into another gear of music. The Clause have always had a knack of writing these huge songs with choruses that would take your head off, but ‘Time of Our Lives’ is on another plane. The hook in the chorus as Pearce belts out “What’s yours is mine / this is the time of our lives” will capture the feeling in any bar or club for friends making memories. As the drunken haze shines over you and the night starts to wind up, you could see a group of mates looking at each other screaming “This is the time of our lives” with pints being flung into the air.

As always with Clause tracks, the guitars are at the forefront of the barrage with guitarist Liam Deakin delivering yet another riff to pierce your ears. The fast paced nature of the track lasts throughout as the drums or bass don’t let up, even leaving the breakdown with no room to breathe.

The only annoying aspect of this release is that we can’t celebrate with a big hometown gig to show the boys our appreciation for the new release by causing chaos at a live show. However, there’s no doubt in my mind when that time rolls around (and it will roll around) the lightning in the bottle will be released, and all the energy that would’ve been spent at a Clause gig this last year, will come out at once. Excellent work guys.

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