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bigfatbig band 2021
Photo by Ryan Young

Bigfatbig release their first track of 2021 with ‘Don’t Wanna Be Sad!

Fearless and ferociously brilliant, the North East trio Bigfatbig introduce ‘Don’t Wanna Be Sad’, an anthem that should only be screamed loud and proud at the top of listeners’ lungs. 

Since last September, Big Fat Big left their audience itching for more material following the release of their previous single ‘Milk and Vinegar’; finally their listeners have been blessed with yet another explosive track. A band that was established following a ten year friendship between guitarist Katie Rynall and vocalist Walker, after recruiting bassist Chaz Hall, the female powerhouse has since erupted onto the North East music scene in full force…and their latest release is no exception. ‘I don’t wanna, wanna, wanna be sad anymore!’ sings frontwoman Robyn Walker as the irresistibly catchy chorus of the band’s latest release ‘Don’t Wanna Be Sad’ kicks in, accompanied by a gritty texture of guitars and heavy drums. 

It goes without saying that lovers of Kate Nash, Snail Mail and Lauran Hibberd will instantly fall in love with the contagiously chaotic energy that drives through ‘Don’t Wanna Be Sad’ – this is one for the frustrated and those who are sick and tired of monotonous living. A terrifically fitting song for the turbulent times that we currently face, this song is the perfect medicine for those climbing up the walls and ripping out their hair in lockdown. As the female force continue to dominate the Northern music scene, having already secured air-time with plays on BBC Radio 6 and been selected as a BBC Introducing Tip for 2020, the road ahead for Bigfatbig looks nothing but promising as they continue to go from strength to strength once again. 

Words by Lucy Tessier

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