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Naz and ella
Photo by Poppy Marriot

Naz & Ella tackle sexual harassment in new track ‘No (doesn’t mean convince me)’

London based alternative-folk duo, Naz & Ella, have been on the scene since 2009 and have become known for their willingness to tackle social issues. 

Today they dropped the second single to feature on their new EP, ‘(DE) HUMANISE’ , which due for release in May. 

The new track, titled ‘No (doesn’t mean convince me)’ doesn’t fail to grab your attention. It features an eerie guitar riff and haunting melodic vocals that build into a layered, slogan like chorus. The vocals are at times reminiscent of Porridge Radio, while the slow, dark guitar riff features the DNA of a PJ Harvey track. 

The track’s true power lies in its lyrics; the track is about the sexual harassment women face when out in public and describes the discomfort of the song’s speaker in the first person, giving the lyric an incredibly intimate and personal feeling. 

The instrumentation on the track adds further realism to the lyric; the guitar parts, for example, give the effect of a chase and make you feel on edge throughout the song, while the repeated title of the track indicates how keen the speaker is to be heard by those pursuing her.

Overall the song is a powerful statement on behalf of women everywhere and does an excellent job of getting the issue communicated and, if the forthcoming EP is anything like as good, it’ll be well worth a listen. 

Words by Adam Jackson-Wright

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