Thrillhouse – ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’ | Single of the Week

thrillhouse band 2021

Thrillhouse take us to where the roads don’t go, and get themselves Single of the Week!

It’s a new week, which means a new track to be selected for single of the week. This time around we have Brighton based band Thrillhouse whipping it up on their brand new track ‘Where The Roads Don’t Go’, a blissful shimmering delight birthed out of 80’s synth pop with a modern lick.

Starting slow, it really does a job of pulling you in as lead singer whispers in your ear as the surroundings start to build up. Even as you get passed the minute mark, the track isn’t in full swing but you’ve fully bought in as the drums pump like a heartbeat filled with anticipation. Then BLAM, the guitars come through and you’re in a car going 100mph.

The title of the track is so fitting, you just feel like your driving down the line with sun beaming down with no place in mind, just the intention to get away and feel free. The track is blessed with some beautiful production, as the song wouldn’t seem out of place on a mainstream radio station, while it not being inherently pop-y in the slightest.

Having already released ‘Flawed Design’ earlier in the Year, it looks like Thrillhouse are shaping up for an exciting year and we’re all here for it.

Thanks so much for tuning into single of the week this time around, feel free to follow and keep up to date with the playlist below!

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