Sam Lambeth – ‘When I’m with you’ | New Music

Midlands Singer-Songwriter Sam Lambeth releases new track ‘When I’m With You’

Sam Lambeth is back with a new single ‘When I’m with you.’ With this new song, he once again proves that he isn’t only a master at writing music reviews but also at writing songs himself.

The song starts with a beautiful acoustic guitar and then adds a calm, peaceful piano as the perfect companion. It’s a wonderful sound combination of these two instruments. They seem to dance hand in hand and in perfect harmony like two lovers. It is a pure and mellow song full of feeling. Sam Lambeth’s soft and intimate voice is captivating and gives the song a melodious polish. 

The lyrics are personal and emotional, yet they leave room for different interpretations depending on your mood or the life situation you’re in.

It’s an invitation for reflection of life, love, and friendship. Goodbyes and arrivals. Connection and disconnection. Sadness and happiness. Doubts and fears that dwell within us. When the ways part and it’s time to say goodbye. “All of my best friends are all finding dead ends, and they won’t come back again.” A shared past that may not lead to a shared future. But it also awakens a feeling of coming home. “When I’m with you, I don’t care.” Feeling connected and safe. Finding a way to inner peace and balance.

‘When I’m with you’ is a song you can lean back and enjoy. It’s soothing and uplifting at the same time. Sam Lambeth invites us to have ourselves a cup of tea, close our eyes, ponder, and hopefully see some magic. 

Words by Katharina Sowa

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