Paris Youth Foundation – ‘Tomorrow’ | New Music

Liverpool’s favourite guitar pop five piece are back with another breakup anthem as they release ‘Tomorrow’.

Paris Youth Foundation are back and better than ever with a new single titled ‘Tomorrow’. The five-piece are known for their infectiously upbeat sound contrasted with melancholic lyrics, and the new single doesn’t disappoint!

‘Tomorrow’ is a huge sounding track featuring choppy guitar and a massive chorus. Whilst the tune is joyful sonically, the lyrics are honest and heavy hearted as frontman and lyricist Kevin Potter sings about “drinking away the feelings we had” in this post breakup anthem.

Kev reveals: “Tomorrow is a song about living for Saturday night. It’s about hoping tomorrow never comes so you don’t have to deal with it. It’s a commentary on a post breakup night out and how we surround ourselves with all the wrong things to numb the pain. It’s about how we use social media to lie to the world and smile through a screen even when we’re broken inside.”

Accompanying the track is a brand-new video which you can check out below.

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