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Ski Portal band
Collage by Cameron JL West

Ski Lift release first track in over a year with ‘Portal’

London based threesome, Ski Lift, started life in late 2018 as the personal recording and writing project of songwriter, Benji Tranter. The band came to be after Benji was joined by bass player, Alisa Tully and drummer, Jovis Lane. 

Since forming, the band have released a couple of demos and a debut single, namely ‘Comfortable Here’, which collectively showcased the band’s guitar-led indie pop sound, as well as the songwriting talents of frontman Benji. 

This new release actually made its first appearance as one of the band’s demos some time ago, where it took on a more stripped-back form. The new single version offers a more developed and beefed up sound to the one on its predecessor. 

The key difference between this and it’s demo counterpart is the addictive energy it brings. The new version features a sharp, driven guitar riff along with well placed call and response backing vocals that are reminiscent of The Beatles’ ‘Help’. Benji’s vocal performance provides the track with its most energetic component. He brings a melodic jumpiness to the song, which provides it with its infectious flow. 

The track has a lot going for it and it shows the group to have a great deal of potential. Fans of the band will be hoping they won’t have to wait so long to see where the group goes next. 

Words by Adam Jackson-Wright

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