Cassandra Jenkins – ‘An Overview on Phenomenal Nature’ | Album Review

Cassandra Jenkins releases second album, as she continues to grow as an songwriter

The lavish jazz pop of Cassandra Jenkins unlocks the same healing properties as the warm Norwegian water she sings of on An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, the lusciously arranged, intricately performed sophomore album from the New York songwriter. 

Over a gorgeous palette of dreamlike folk, ambient synthpop and sensuous jazz arrangements, Jenkins relates a series of deeply intimate stories. That these are told through a series of vividly sketched characters set within oil painted landscapes only adds to the pleasure, gifting the most mundane details of these tales a smoky romance which Jenkins seems to emit effortlessly through her glowing, delicate songwriting and hushed vocal delivery.

Floating by in a tantalizing thirty-minute runtime, these seven tracks are a blissful snapshot into the spiritual journey of their narrator, and Jenkins’ wise lyricism blesses the record with an air of maturity lacking on most releases so early into their creators discography. Perhaps most striking though is the remarkable sound quality of these compositions – it’s no stretch to say that An Overview on Phenomenal Nature could well boast the best production of any record to date this year. 

As such, it distinguishes Jenkins as one of the most promising folk songwriters in America on her first great work of art. She may be just two albums in, but the Brooklyn native already sounds like an assured veteran.

Words by Andrew Lambert

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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