Video Premiere | Oliver Say – ‘Am I Always So Wrong?’

Oliver Say release brand new video for ‘Am I Always So Wrong?’

Back in 2020 Midlands based singer/songwriter Oliver Say released his debut track ‘Am I Always So Wrong?’, a beautifully mature track laid with exquisite vocals and guitar-work. After a bit of time Oliver is here to deliver his debut video for the track, and here at WFM we’re lucky enough to be the ones sharing it with you!

The song itself has a slight classical edge to it, with the way Oliver delivers his delicate vocals and the naturally stripped back nature of the track, with it being just vocals and guitar for most of the track. The harmonies also play a huge part to the song giving it that grandiose coating, they’re only subtle , but they’re lingering in the background just heightening the vocal delivery.

The video itself sticks to aesthetics that track depicts when listening to it, as Oliver can be seen in a black and white filter delivering the song. Oliver is isolated in the video and completely alone, which gives increased weight to the line “Alone and full of fear”. It has a very high art feeling to it all from the song to the video, so it’s clear what Oliver wanted to do with this track in terms of the overall vision.

Super excited about Oliver’s music career and where it could go, especially with such a great start. An true artist with a clear vision for what he wants his music to sound and feel like.

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