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The Pretty Visitors release first track of 2021 ‘Western Skies’

Portsmouth-based band The Pretty Visitors have released their newest single ‘Western Skies’ today (March 12th). This is their newest release since November of last year. The Pretty Visitors take the well-known and commonly-used traits and sounds of Indie music and they add their own personalisation to it and make it distinctly theirs.

Their band name – The Pretty Visitors, was influenced by a track with the same name released by Arctic Monkeys. This admiration for Arctic Monkeys is very clear to see within their musical content. Western Skies sounds like a perfect fusion of the current Indie Rock scene in the UK mixed with traits of Rap and Hip-Hop. The track features memorable bass lines and punchy distorted guitar riffs that make the song even more interesting to listen to.

The track’s lyrics are unconventional for Rock because of the self-awareness of them (often in a comical manner.) However, the quality of the text further adds intrigue to the song. Lyricist Connor Reid seems to pay homage to Noughties UK rappers such as Mike Skinner of The Streets throughout the lyrics. Reid writes with wit and the storyline has a macabre cleverness about it; “I’m 27, mate, and living in the third bedroom of my parents estate for a non-existent rate”, “Scratching at my smartphone screen. Woe is me.

The Pretty Visitors are constantly developing their sound and bringing exciting new content to the table and this song is definitely a contender for one of their best releases since their emergence in 2018.

Words by Mirjana Lozancic

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