The Crooks – ‘Frankie’ | Single of the Week

the crooks band 2021

First song from The Crooks in 2021 takes Single of the Week!

It’s Sunday, and it’s time for Single of the Week! This is where we select a track from the previous week we feel needs a little bit more light on it, so without further ado we give you The Crooks!

This is a first feature for The Crooks on WFM, with their new single ‘Frankie’, which feels like a bit of a throwback track to the good old Britpop days back in the 90’s. ‘Frankie’ has that grittiness underneath it throughout, giving it that raw and unpolished feel. Straight from the off we’re introduced by a stalking drum beat along with a heavily distorted guitar and the unique gravelly vocals from the frontman.

The band do draw some similarities to Britpop legends Oasis, but it’s done well and doesn’t come across as a tacky ripoff, which can always be a danger for some bands.

Complete euphoria is achieved at the end of the song, as a Noel Gallagher inspired guitar-solo begins to blare out and things descend into chaos. It’s a perfect way to close a song like this out, as you could see it being a setlist-ender on a live show.

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