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DUDE, MY DUDE release debut single ‘Loser’!

Loser‘,  the first single ever released by the British alternative rock duo DUDE, MY DUDE – formed by Matthieu and Benji -, is basically a summary of what almost every band wants their debut to be. It’s original, fresh, well-produced and already sets up a high standard for their next tracks, showing the listener their potential and making them wonder what they will come up with next. 

The track starts with a clean guitar with some reverb playing a simple and soft riff, a pretty common beginning for indie/alternative rock songs. Then, the other instruments kick in. Now, the clean guitar riff gives place to a distorted and slashy rhythmic guitar that blends smoothly with the other instruments, marking the change of tone.

The pre-chorus, as well as the beginning section of the song, really does an amazing job of showing to the listener the track’s theme, as it’s low key and melancholic, but at the same time has an electric vibe to it, creating almost unexplainable energy that mixes two opposite sensations. That energy slightly reminds me of the early 2000’s rock, pop-punk or even emo tracks that had the same theme “Loser” has, which can be summarized as exclusion.

The lyrics, mixed with the instrumental – as described in the last two paragraphs – does a perfect job of picturing the sadness and loneliness that one can feel when excluded, mocked or even bullied in high school or places in general, something that, if you haven’t experienced yourself, you certainly have at least seen happening. The main thing responsible for this energy is, for sure, the vocals.

Both of the duo members sing in this track, and the result is just something else. The feeling, tone and emotion that the vocals have couldn’t be more perfectly suited for the song, it feels extremely true, raw and sentimental, exactly what the track needed. The bass and drums are also crazy good, the bass floating from melodic to rhythmic and the drums being strong and blasting when needed, but also more low key in the calm parts. 

The chorus is where all the components of the track are at their best. The powerful bass, drums and guitar mixed with the loud and strong vocals were exactly what the track was setting the mood for, and it’s hard to listen to it without wanting to jump around for no reason. 

I couldn’t write about this single without mentioning the production, as it’s something that a lot of new bands and artists don’t get the hand of on their starts – and that’s completely normal because it isn’t something easy to understand and to get into. But, on ‘Loser‘, the production hits the nail on the head.  The mixing does an outstanding job of valorizing every single component of the track, taking it to another level. 

DUDE, MY DUDE worked on the single for a long, long time (as you can see in their Instagram, which you should follow!), and the result of such hard work and perfectionism can be clearly spotted on “Loser”. I was truly surprised when I noticed that it was their first single ever, as having a debut like this isn’t something you see all day. If you liked the song – as I sure did – you should really keep an eye on them, as they will probably be releasing other amazing tracks soon. 

Words by Theo Aguiar Jesuino

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