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‘Don’t Mind the Weather’ takes Single of the Week for Sunflower Thieves.

Take it all in, we deserve this” sing Sunflower Thieves on their latest and first track of 2021 entitled ‘Don’t Mind the Weather’. That line hit more than any other so far this year, as it serves as a reminder the next time we find ourselves doing something we truly enjoy with our loved ones after lockdown, to take it all in as we do deserve this, after such a turbulent time the last 18 months.

Sunflower Thieves’ music often serves as calm breath of fresh air, due to their gentle tones and laid back essence they give off on every release. ‘Don’t Mind the Weather’ is of the same ilk, as if to say, don’t worry about the world that can wait, for the moment it’s all about you.

Even though we’re still blessed with two vocals which are made for each other, Sunflower Thieves take a slightly different route musically to what they have before. On previous tracks, the acoustic guitar has been an ever-present element to their musical backdrop, however in ‘Don’t Mind the Weather’ it’s pretty much non-existent, except for in some sections. The band heavily lean on synths, atmospherics and heavy reverb for the track to create this magical calm space and deliver this spectacle of a vocal performance. Their voice blend so well as they’ve always done and even merging in some places to create this super voice which you can only admire.

So, if you’re having a rough day and need to find that solace to help you get through the day, then ‘Don’t Mind the Weather’ is your track to help achieve that. The Leeds duo have always been special, but this track seems to have opened another side to them and we’re here for it.

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