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temples of youth mecury artwork

Temples of Youth release ‘Mercury’ for their first track of 2021!

With dreamy, echoing guitars, a beautifully deep female vocal, and a genre simultaneously reflecting both dream-pop and rock, ‘Mercury’ by Temples of Youth has really hit a sweet spot. The duo, hailing from Winchester, UK, have so far made their mark on the British music scene with their signature synths and heartfelt lyrics (they have already caught the attention of the likes of BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 1, and BBC Radio 6 Music), and judging by this latest track, they have a whole lot of impact still to come. 

‘Mercury’ is an expansive soundscape, and is made even more impressive by the fact that it was created by just two artists: Paul Gumma and Jo Carson. On guitar and percussion, respectively, the two use samplers, effects, and synths to create an ambient instrumental that other artists could only strive to achieve. Alongside this, the track possesses a certain rawness that is often difficult to achieve through electronic music – the live percussion and guitar certainly lend themselves to this. 

Of course, I would be amiss to write about this track without mentioning the melody and vocals. I’m tempted to liken these aspects to bands such as London Grammar, but in doing so want to avoid as much as possible the suggestion that TOY are unoriginal; in fact, the opposite is true. While Carson’s tone may be reminiscent of other prominent female vocalists, the way in which she sings the stirring and, at times, unusual melodies is purely her own. 

Temples of Youth have created an excellent track in ‘Mercury’. Ambient, beautiful, and lyrically exciting, this track would sound great on any playlist. The lyric appearing in the track, “you’ve got it”, all too well sums up how I feel about this band: they really do “got it”. 

Words by Poppy Booth

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