#17 WFM Music Pile-Up | Ft. Francis of Delirium

Francis of Delirium

The FIRST Music Pile-up of 2021 features Francis of Delirium, Crystal Tides and more!

After a very busy start to the the year, we are finally back with our first Music Pile-Up of the year! This is where we feature all the tracks we couldn’t fit in, so to make it easier we put them altogether, making it a one stop shop for any music you may have missed!

Francis of Delirium – ‘Let it All Go

Been a big week for the grungey pop revival, hasn’t it? And it’s not a second too soon with this perfectly passive aggressive number by Francis of Delirium. We’ve not caught a track that flirts quite so aggressively between a spoken word and loud, longing lyrics. You’ll love this track because listen after listen, you’ll realise you have definitely felt this way before and that makes Let It All Go near impossible to ignore.

Crystal Tides – ‘Headcase’

Why this track gotta go and get stuck in our head like this?! Take a load off with this lush, easy track by Crystal Tides that’ll remind you of the first alt-pop band you ever fell in love with – congratulations, you’re in love with these guys now. C a t c h y.

Panic State – ‘Viral Love’

We cannot stress this enough, we are so here for a drum introduction. Viral Love is an instant crowd pleaser that’s gonna make you want to spend a six quid on a can of red stripe, bump into strangers and lose your friends at the barrier even more than we’ve been pining for this past year. Do that in your front room to ‘Viral Love,’ if you want. We support you, b.

The Native – ‘Lost on You’

If you’ve been feeling as shit as we have recently, you’ll be relieved to know you can wrap up in this offensively slick, smooth and warm vocal by The Native in ‘Lost on You’. This just works. It’s believable, it’s beautiful and it’s something to hold on to for three sweet minutes of headspace. Well played boys, this is a stunner.

Genn – ‘Feel

Genn started out last year back in 2020, however they seem to have completely have their sound nailed down. With similar vibes to The Doors, their new track ‘Feel’, does indeed make you feel. The opening line “Lets go around in circles“, is indicative of the musicality of the song, as this sumptuous repetitive guitar riff goes round and around, putting you under the bands spell. Fantastic start to the year for Genn!

CLAMM- ‘Keystone Pols’

If you’re in the mood to thrash out and lose your mind somewhat, then CLAMM have you covered with their debut track ‘Keystone Pols’. The rapidly paced track throws you in at the busy end of a mosh pit, as a heavily distorted guitar plays you in and sparks that initial chaos. With the track under 3 minutes long, it really is enough to exert you of all your energy, and god only knows what it will be like live. For a debut, this is mighty impressive with their sound already nailed down – bring on the rest of 2021!

Gracie Martin – ‘Dreams Die’

In stark contrast to the previous track, Grace Martin offers a serious change in tone with her first track in over a year with ‘Dreams Die’. In this case, dreams don’t die as this song has you feeling like you’re on a cloud, in a dream. The Alt-Pop sounds are refreshing and new, as these heavy waves of drums and beats overflow you, creating an alternate bed for Gracie’s vocals to blossom in. Hopefully this won’t be her final track of the year, looking forward to hearing more!

Thrillhouse – ‘Flawed Design’

To play us out this week we have Thrillhouse and their thrilling (sorry) new track ‘Flawed Design’, which is a wonderfully crafted guitar pop joy. There are some similarities to The 1975, with the bright and 80’s throwback feel to it all, and it’s so damn good. There’s some great musical elements in the track, giving it great depth, and it all ties in so well – which comes down to being simply talented musicians. It’s the first time we’ve featured Thrillhouse on the blog, and after this it won’t be the last.

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