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Lyon Tide release new track ‘Blind’!

At the start of the year Lyon Tide, who are Darren Barnard (vocals, guitar), Anthony La Pusata (keyboards) and Girish Patel (bass, drums) broke gently on the shore with their debut single ‘Closure’, a lapping, melodic, slo-mo track of breaking up and moving on. The release was also deliberately timed to provide a “metaphorical “up yours” to 2020 and the awful relationship everyone has had with it.” Just ‘3 lads from Brum’, as their Twitter handle suggests, who met at Art College and decided to form a band. 

Their follow-up single ‘Blind’ due for release today (Feb 19th) is an 80’s inspired synth-pop track with nods to OMD and Gary Numan.

Across the chop of pulsing synth and drums Barnard’s vocals waft zephyr like, a mix of Neil Tennant dry, observational narrative and tender Iain Broudie optimism which makes the sentiment of the track believable and appealing.  In a moment of introspection through the middle eight, the track breaks down through a shimmering synth haze as Barnard sings reflectively, “I should have crossed the skies to make you mine”, more though through a sense of whimsy rather than saddled in nagging regret.

This feeling of progression and moving forward seems to colour Lyon Tide’s world. It’s not about being anchored by the past but rather learning from your mistakes and riding the wave to the future. 

Words by Andrew Gutteridge

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