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Crashkid band 2020

CRASHKID release first track of 2021 with ‘Icon’

CRASHKID! a rare band where every song released is an absolute banger and this is just the start! With only their 4th single released – titled ICON – CRASHKID! are on for a successful future. Despite only having a few singles out, this hasn’t stopped the band where they have played numerous shows both as support and as the headline act. 

ICON begins with a heavy, gritty guitar intro which immediately has you bopping your head along to from the energetic atmosphere which is created. As the introduction gets closer to the lyrics the introduction crescendos and gets louder – contrasting to the end which fades away slowly into nothing. These features of an intro and outro emphasise the lyrics embedded between them. The track slows down midway through the song which acts as a bridge between two choruses. Here the accompaniment is predominantly but where a chord is played by the guitar at the start of each new bar. 

The upcoming alternative band – which formed in 2017 – are the ideal artist to be added to your playlist if you love a raw sound and bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Arctic Monkeys and also Foo Fighters. So get CRASHKID! onto that must-see live playlist asap as I can assure you, you won’t regret it!

Words by Lily Croft

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