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Ynes better job 2021

After all the hype, YNES delivers with ‘Better Job’ and takes Single of the Week

YNES’ punk soul is distilled in to her new single ‘Better Job’ whilst the pop elements of her past work bleed in to the track. As one of Coventry’s finest YNES refuses to hold be with her sarcastic attack, fiercely and unrelentingly shooting back to the likes of Rishi Sunak following the his statement concerning people working in the creative industries, telling them to get “better jobs”.

Wittingly weaponizing stereotypes to create sharp tongue in cheek lyrics; only YNES could do it in a fired up way. ‘Better Jobs’ voices her frustrations with what is expected of creative’s as if they’re meant to be super stars over night like The Rolling Stones, faces the stigma about working side jobs like retail and hospitality jobs as people don’t understand that it’s insanely common for people to be doing that.

Essentially the single is a beautiful and boisterous middle finger to all that insist you must obey and become another number, formal attire wearing drone. Traversing the political wasteland whilst letting out raucous riffs is YNES’ style, so get used to it and don’t expect her to change for anyone anytime soon.

Words by Jack Mcgill

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