Pale Waves – ‘Who Am I?’ | Album Review


Pale Waves release new album Who Am I?

Friday 12 February saw the release of the second album from Manchester indie rock outfit Pale Waves and I had the opportunity to give it a listen.

The catchy single ‘Change’ kicks off the record. Despite it’s optimistic vibe, on closer listen it actually has quite sad undertones. Baron-Gracie’s vocals display emotion along with feeling and you can believe her passion.

The album throughout is a flowing listen and there’s definitely an Avril Lavigne influence in these songs. On ‘She’s My Religion‘ Heather sings of unconditional love embracing the good and bad of being totally invested in someone emotionally.

Easy‘ which started off as piano ballad has morphed into an uplifting anthem with a huge positive vibe to it as Heather sings “Loving You Is Easy” It’s definitely a feel good tune.

‘You Don’t Own Me’ despite it’s beautiful upbeat melody is two fingers up to those who try and pigeon hole women and “Odd Ones Out” harks about not being part of the crowd backed by a beautiful acoustic melody.

This sentiment is also echoed on the punchy ‘Run To’ where Heather sings “Life is going well, except my mental health“. The title track album closer has a more gentle soothing feel to it but is also dramatic, euphoric and almost a cry for help. It’s a perfect finisher for a great long player.

This an album of defiance, positivity and being yourself and it’s a fantastic listen.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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