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Near Mrs release first track of 2021 with ‘Wishful Thinking’

Near Mrs are a British band – more specifically, from Nottingham – that had its debut pretty recently, in 2019, but has already conquered listeners with their energetic and essentially young indie rock. Their new single, called ‘Wishful Thinking’, not only makes up perfectly for the high level of quality the band already has established on their previous tracks, but pretty much tops it. 

 The track kicks in with only voice and guitar, calm and simple. Near Mrs guitarists, Taig O’shea and Will Kirk, had already proved before to be great, as their unique playing styles, alongside with the other instruments, gives their tracks its energy and colours. I love how Will Kirk’s funky and “scratchy” rhythmic guitars match up exceptionally well with Taig’s riffs – which reminds me a little of midwest emo ones, by the way.

For a short time, the song maintains the slow vibe, but with the other instruments added up to the mix. Although, it doesn’t take too long for the pre-chorus to come in, and, naturally, the chorus itself comes right after it. – and oh boy, what a chorus. Ryan Webb’s singing is perfect for the band’s vibe, and he does a great job in this track as well. The guitar riffs and the vocal’s melody are great, being supported by the amazing bass and drums – played by Taylor Wadman and Toby Wilson, respectively. It also looks like a softer and happier version of Sea in the sky’s melodic choruses, those which they are famous for. 

The high energy of this new single is astounding. While listening to it, I kept imagining how great it would be to see the band playing it live, as it would be simply perfect for it. I hope that as soon as this pandemic is over, Near Mrs can provide a lot of lucky people with their great tracks and an electric vibe.

As I said previously, I think that ‘Wishful thinking’ is the band’s best single yet, being solid from the beginning to its end. It’s pretty similar to their previous songs, which are also very good (You should check them out by the way!). I look forward to seeing them release an album, ep, or new singles, as their energetic songs are simply captivating, and I think that rock music, in general, is really in need of more fresh bands with this vibe right now. 

Words by Theo Aguiar Jesuino

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