Communions – ‘Bird of Passage’ | Video

Communions release new video for ‘Bird of Passage’

Regardless of still being stuck in the slump of 2020, great music is still being around and Communions are a shining example of this. After having a relatively quiet 2020, the band are back with an early track for 2021 with ‘Bird of Passage’, which could potentially one of their best pieces of work yet.

The Danish duo creates an atmospheric wonderland with a slow plodding beat and thoughtful lead guitar, giving it a sad but heavy undertone. The sounds of the track are deep, much like the meaning behind the song which lead singer Martin Rehof explaining “It centres around the idea that people constantly transform and reinterpret the past in new ways by constructing narratives around themselves”.

The intense nature of the track really comes through, with the levelling reverb on the vocals being slightly drowned out by the gulping instrumentals. It goes through waves, sounding like it’s emotionally driven – equating to this beautiful dark ending. With this teasing track, I can’t wait to hear more from the duo this year which is why I’m over the moon that this track comes along with the announcement of the bands brand new album set for release this year.

Their brand new album Pure Fabrication is released April 23rd.

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