Sapphire Blues – ‘Daydream’ | New Music

Post-punk trio drop first track of 2021 with ‘Daydream’

“Turn the page to a new day”, begins frontman Sam Lance Jones on the latest track from Bristol post-punks Sapphire Blues. “My feet drag on the pavement” later comes out in his forceful drawl reminiscent of post-punk contemporaries Grian Chatten and Charlie Steen, perfectly encapsulating the apathy and ennui of the moment.

‘Daydream’ starts off with a serrated drum beat and angular guitars giving an expressive feel, before building up in an emphatic fashion.

Melodic yet with plenty of punk bite and street grit, ‘Daydream’ ticks all the boxes. Post-punk is still having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now with the new Shame album following plenty of great releases over the last year, and Sapphire Blues are perfectly-poised to capitalise on that.

Listen to ‘Daydream’ below:

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