The Underclass – ‘The One’ | New Music

Photo by Steve Sherwin

The Underclass release Britpop inspired ‘The One’

There are many things that I missed when growing up in the 90’s and one of them was Britpop, mainly because I was far too young to understand what was going on (I was still in single digits). However, we’re lucky enough to have bands that come through now which carry some of those influences – which is what The Underclass do so well.

Their new track ‘The One’ shows glimmers of these influences, never overstepping the line between influence and ripping off. The angelic acoustic guitar in the background meshes so well with the subtle electric to introduce the track. Moving into the verses we’re treated to a fairly stripped back sound with just the vocals of Jorge Wilson on the bed of this shiny acoustic and tamed drum beat.

The chorus is memorable, as you could probably hear it being screamed back from an arena full of people, “If this is the one, I’ve got nothing left to do!”. You can definitely draw some similarities between the delivery of the chorus and Liam Gallagher, but as stated it’s influence rather than trying to be a carbon copy.

The strings at the end of the song was a pleasant surprise, they really finish the song off nicely and they add a fresh feeling to the final chorus before it bows out. Reall enjoying what The Underclass have been doing since discovering back in 2020, and now with their 2021 off to a promising start, I’ll look forward to what they will bring this year!

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