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Synth Central and A Time Travel Back To The Sounds of The 80s, Manchester Band Pacific Release ‘Puzzle’ 

Manchester: the musical capitol of England and the home of the piano-led indie band Pacific. Consisting of the brothers and songwriters Anthony and Daniel Orzel, alongside guitarist Dave Bithell and drummer Drew Burns, the quartet release their latest single ‘Puzzle’. An explosive new anthem and addition to their discography, it is a celebration of synths and driving piano lines, transporting listeners back to the iconic sound waves of the 1980s. 

Having already been played numerous times on Radio 1 by Huw Stephens, there is no doubt that their new sonic adventure will follow the same course and be spun across the airwaves. “You’re a puzzle making my head go round,” sings Anthony Orzel, the pianist and vocalist of the band, as the song centres around the thrill of the chase and mixed signals in relationships. Through a combination of brash guitar lines and spacey synths, the band remain loyal to their idiosyncratic sound, taking on similar musical qualities to likes of Muse, Keane, and Temples. A melodic master with a distinctive vocal force, Orzel’s tones and vocal delivery could be comparable to that of Matthew Bellamy of Muse. 

It almost goes without saying that bands like Pacific make the loss of sweaty gigs and dizzy club nights feel even more bitter, as their sound feels as though it can only be most appreciated live. However, with their sights set high for performances at some of the UK’s largest festivals in (hopefully) the near future, listeners should be hungry for the musical party that they promise to provide on stage. Breaking away from the monotony of Oasis wannabes in the Manchester scene, Pacific are exactly what this musical hubbub needs. 

Words by Lucy Tessier

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