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Sophie Morgan 2021

Sophie Morgan starts her 2021 with ‘Always’

‘Always’ Is the title of the newest single released by Sophie Morgan – an British pop/indie/folk singer-songwriter who hitherto has released 3 EPs and various singles, and proves in every new track she drops that she is a great artist who has everything needed to succeed. In general, the other songs she released so far are intimistic and soft, but she goes in a pretty different way in“Always”, which is notably dancy and more energetic.

In fact, dancy is a great adjective for describing Sophie’s new track, as it’s the central element of the song’s music video – which is simply amazing. With ‘Unwinnable War’ (her previous song) she had already taken her videos to another level, but in ‘Always’, with the help of Ollie Bradley Baker, who directed the clip, and other members of the production team,  she truly outdoes herself. The photography, scenery and choreography are breathtaking and makeup to the greatness of the single. Now, enough of the video, let’s talk about the track itself. 

Sophie’s vocals are one of the main elements she has been acclaimed for, being outstanding in all of her previous songs. Provided that, naturally, her new single couldn’t be farther from being an exception. Her singing – which slightly reminds me of Lana Del Rey and Christina Perri – flows between soft and powerful in keeping with the instrumental, and couldn’t be more remarkable. 

It isn’t the first time that Sophie has used strings and other instruments which are unusual to pop music in her songs, in fact, strings are present in her most listened song ‘Above you’. This usage of orchestral instruments is a great addition to her music, providing great new and fresh musical textures and helping to build a strong base for the song, alongside with the drums and bass.

Speaking of the bass, it’s truly marvellous. The tone of it, the way the mixing valorizes it and the bassline itself are all close to perfection. The bass is notably suited for the track’s dancy energy and blends amazingly with the other instruments, it’s without a doubt one of the greatest elements of the song. 

The track’s chorus – as well as the rest of the song – is very good, being strong and catchy. Although, the chorus is only that good because of another element of the song that is simply outstandingly great,  which is the pre-chorus. Everything in it, the instruments, the singing, the melody and the harmony blend perfectly well and prepare the listener for the chorus with majesty, it’s probably my favourite part of the song.  

If you’ve listened to any other of her tracks, you already know that she is very good with handling the acoustic guitar and the piano in her tracks, and that is clearly not different in her new single. These two instruments come together gently, giving the track a “romantic”, lovely and slightly “dreamy” vibe. They also match very well with Sophie’s singing.

In general, it’s not a surprise that Sophie Morgan is a great and promising artist, but ‘Always’ tells us that she will be always looking up to outdoing herself. I personally think that this new single is her best track so far, and I look forward to seeing what she will come up with in the future, and you really should do as well. 

Words by Theo Aguiar Jesuino

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