LUMER stop by after the release of their debut EP! | Interview

Photo by Phoebe Fox

Lumer discuss their brand new EP, musical influences and music from 2020

Hey guys! Before we start, can you introduce yourself?

Hi there, we are LUMER. We are a band from the 2017’s City Of Culture – Hull, famously one of the worst places to live in the UK – a lie I can tell you.

Which musicians do you take the greatest influence from?

Our influences I believe always change but there are a few names that will constantly crop up like Josef K, The Fall, Country Teasers, Women, Protomartyr, The Birthday Party. etc. Honestly, though, Will and I have spent a whole night listening to Quincy Jones, Gil Scot-Heron, Chet Baker and then other nights with Bad Breeding or Throbbing Gristle. Depends on the day and what’s happening or, at the minute, what Boris and his merry little fools have said.

Your music is very much centred on social protest, how do you want people to react to it?

Bear arms and raid the houses of parliament. No, I think I write about what bothers me about the current climate we find ourselves in, both socially and politically. I am not necessarily trying to provoke a reaction but more a level of understanding of our views. I think it’s important for a listener to make their own judgement on the lyrics and what the music means. Just to clarify, don’t bare arms and don’t raid anything.

You released your new EP ‘Disappearing Act’ at the end of January; how did you find writing that?

Honestly, there have been parts of the process that took a lot more time than was maybe appropriate. There were many setbacks leading up to the release which couldn’t have been helped but meant that it took over a year to get out there.

Which song on there is the most important to you?

I’d say ‘Another Day at the Zoo’ was the most important because it was the first song I wrote in a dull lecture which started by me listing to a friend all the things in the world that had aggravated me that day. Seemingly it was quite a lot of things and the idea of it makes me laugh.

If you could support one artist, who would it be and why?

There are many that I think collectively we would love to support, but I’d say personally maybe Protomartyr or Bambara and due to our obsession with Women and Preoccupations maybe them. I’d probably be inclined to say Iceage or Viagra Boys because all these bands are amazing and I think it would be a laugh with any of them.

What’s your favourite album from 2020?

There’s a lot of albums I have loved from 2020. I would say Crack Cloud, Pottery, and Protomartyr have amazing albums this year and I am a big fan of Dehd’s album, feel-good music for sure. Notable mentions would be Angel Olsen’s ‘Whole New Mess’, Khruangbin’s album with amazing singer Leon Bridges ‘Texas Sun’ and Bambara’s ‘Stray’.

When gigs make a comeback, where would be your dream venue?

I am a big fan of Albert Hall in Manchester just because the sound is amazing in there, the way the sound reflects around the room just captures a band perfectly. Smaller venues are always the best to play though and I’ve always been a big fan of Wharf Chambers in Leeds Green Door Store in Brighton and Shacklewell Arms in London; there are a lot of venues I’ve heard great things about and want to play too. I have to mention Le Ravelin in Toulouse because whenever we play there it feels like our second home. Always manage to have a great time when we play there. I want to play more in Europe as well but thanks to all those people wanting ‘Britain’ back, it’s going to make it a lot harder.

If you could pick one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Will – I’m thinking The Plateaux of Mirror by Brian Eno, that’s a beautiful track and I wouldn’t mind if it were constantly on in the background; definitely suits a birthday and a funeral.

Alex – Currently right now I’d say ‘I Fall in Love Too Easily’ by Chet Baker or ‘If I Should Lose You’ by Charlie Parker because they both just calm me down and I think If I listened to one song for the rest of my life I would need to be calm. With that said

What’s next for LUMER?

I guess we’re just trying to be optimistic for the future really, we know it’s going to be worse than before but we like to think it won’t be that bad for artists. In terms of studio work we will definitely be putting more stuff out, then we’ll hopefully be able to play that stuff live.

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