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YONAKA ‘Seize The Power’, and take SOTW!

We had a lot to contend within the first 31 days of January. You’ve got a plethora of choice to be disappointed by and we’re only four Wednesdays deep. Step forward YONAKA in lieu of having any other hope left whatsoever, and your triumphant SOTW ‘Seize The Power.’ Perfect timing, guys. Perfect.

‘Seize the Power’ is the self-produced, spoken-word anthem we have been absolutely starving for and of course it comes from Brighton powerhouses, YONAKA.

It’s been a minute since our favourite unconventional foursome dropped the mighty ‘Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow’ (2019. Remember her?), allowing them to stand triumphant in festivals far and wide and actually yeah I’m gonna stop this metaphor coz it still hurts to think about. We knew YONAKA didn’t come to play from the get go, is my point and Seize the Power is a loud, urgent reminder that they’re going absolutely nowhere.

This is going to sound offensively good live. Incomprehensively powerful when we’re allowed to be pushing barrier and squashed uncomfortably close to a headliner again. In blaring “Woke up this morning, I feel so fucking important”, Theresa Jarvis demands that every single listener remembers their position and their abilities regardless of the relentlessly bleak times. If we learned anything last year, its that we can be indestructible when people are united against the same aggressions and downfalls, and even more for when there’s a union injustice. In whatever you’re able to find the power to fight for, Seize the Power is a reminder to do exactly that and coaxes a listener into remembering very little can actually stop them from being who they are.

Isn’t that why we’ve always loved YONAKA anyway? Where a lot of heavier music can hide behind dressed up lyrics overlooking the point, YONAKA takes the mic and steal the moment in getting right down to what they mean. To put it delicately, that simply doesn’t happen as often as it should anywhere in the world at all – so absolutely yes, we’ll start with our SOTW playlist with this absolutely belting track.

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