A Cause in Distress – ‘Modern Commerce’ | New Music

A Cause in Distress band 2020

A Cause in Distress release new track ‘Modern Commerce’

‘Modern Commerce’ is melancholic but a great opportunity for self-discovery and growth; another landscape in A Cause in Distress’ digital habitat. 

Focusing on learning and accepting who you find yourself to be ‘Modern Commerce’ certainly doesn’t lack meaning; feeling like a flood of personal endeavours. From the get go there’s emphasis on the digital sounding aspect of A Cause in Distress’ sound, it’s cacophonous. Vocals echo and are melancholic; they embrace the grey sound and infect all things colourful – only making the song even more immersive. Drums are keeping you awake whilst ghostly synths dance around, creeping closer and closer. 

The futuristic grunge that A Cause in Distress thrive within feels to be only the beginning, they’re still very fresh but also have this ball and chain pandemic holding them back. You are a muzzled dog growling and slobbering at the thought of progression and the chance to play live, they will sound feral and over powering when this mess is over – don’t wait on it, leap at the chance to check this tune out.

Words by Jack Mcgill

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