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You, Nothing. Release shoegazey blemished ‘Reflectie’

You, Nothing. are an Italian Shoegaze band founded recently, in fact, ‘Reflectie’ is only their second single so far released on the Floppy Dischi label. Their music is extremely similar to classic shoegaze bands, like My Bloody Valentine – which is probably the most famous band in the scenery. Although, You, Nothing also mixes elements of pop music in their songs, providing a fresh new identity not only for themselves but for Shoegaze as a whole. 

As said before, the band is marked by an influence of pop music, which is clearly seen in their previous – and first – single, “Waves”. But, unlike “Waves”, “Reflectie” looks a lot more like classic shoegaze, as it sounds emotional, introspective and noisy, with distorted guitars and sentimental vocals,  almost like a tribute to the 90s scene, the decade where the genre was at its best. 

The singing in this track is simply great. It blends perfectly with the instruments and with the song’s energy in general. 

The guitars are amazing. Their tones,  the one playing the main riff being clean and full of reverb, and the one playing the base being noisy and distorted, are simply great. They really work amazingly together. As for the drums, they are solid and remarkable, and I love how the mixing valorizes it. The same thing can be said about the bassline and bass tone, which are both very good. 

To summarize things, “Reflectie” is a big deal for Shoegaze fans, strongly reminding the genre’s golden age. The pop influence, as shown in their other single, promises to blend in an innovative and great way if the genre.  And for that reason, if you are someone who is into Shoegaze, you should be looking forward to listening to their new album – which, by the way, is coming out soon, so be sure to check it out when it gets released!

Words by Theo Aguiar Jesuino

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