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Billy Nomates delivers on new track ‘Heels’

Billy Nomates is back with a new track called ‘Heels’. And it’s brilliant! She got off to a flying start with her self-titled debut album in 2020. With ‘Heels,’ she picks up where she left off and develops her unique style and sound. It’s a proper Billy Nomates tune, minimalistic but energetically electric, spiced-up with great lyrics. Lovers of Sleaford Mods will like her. All the others should check her out. 

According to her own words, ‘Heels’ is about knowing who we are. The song as well as her upcoming EP on which the song will be released deal with “communication breakdowns; personally, mentally, physically” – so pretty much the situation we’re living in right now. 

The beat is pulsating and hypnotising. There’s a bit of darkness dancing throughout the song, but it’s accompanied by light sprinkles of optimism. Billy’s powerful voice matches wonderfully with the beat of the track. Usually, her lyrics are about class struggle and social inequality, so it was no big surprise that she would also take up themes like the current lockdown and the pandemic. And the lyrics couldn’t be more relevant now. As always, Billy Nomates is refreshingly direct and outspoken, and a little rebellious. “I’ve no duty to be all smiles or nice.” She does things differently and does it in her style. As the song goes, “I do not do heels.”

The song was written during lockdown but it also delivers a message for the post-pandemic times. Like the emergency telephone that appears in the song. With an emergency telephone, you must exactly know what to say and choose your words wisely. Nowadays, we’ve got so many channels to communicate with each other. We talk and text a lot, but what of it is actually relevant?

We’re living in difficult, uncertain times, and don’t know what comes next. But the song – musically and lyrically – is an invitation to keep on going. And for the time being, to go crazy on our living room’s dance floor. “Lift your boots, tilt your hat, I refuse to die looking like that,” as Billy sings.

‘Heels’ is the first track from her new EP ‘Emergency Telephone’ that will be out on March 5th. It’s a great pre-taste for what’s yet to come and we’re excited to hear more!

Words by Katharina Sowa

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