Love Trapezium – ‘PICK UP THE REST’ | New Music

Love Trapezium pick up the rest

Love Trapezium release their first track of 2021

Love Trapezium is a four-piece pop band from Norwich that writes about everything from the civil war to online romance, taking strong influence from indie while incorporating funk, hip-hop, and synthpop.  Love Trapezium are pushing boundaries with their innovative use of tech and visuals (check out the video for ‘The Avenues’) they are definitely a band to watch out for. 

With their new single ‘Pick Up The Rest’, the band really brings everything to this track. It has catchy vocal melodies paired with rap styled vocals that work a treat.  Love Trapezium really knows how to produce their strengths, and that really comes through with the quirky arrangement of instruments used in this song. 

I’m excited to see what this band has for us next!

Words by Holly Sawal

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