Honey Motel – ‘Morning Affairs’ | New Music

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Honey Motel start 2021 how they ended 2020 – blissfully

Last year we featured Honey Motel and their double A-Side release with ‘Weekends‘ and ‘Madeline’, it was at this point we knew we could expect special things from them in 2021. Now we’re in 2021, they’re ready to prove it with their brand new track ‘Morning Affairs’.

‘Morning Affairs’ kicks off with subtle guitar riff only to burst into pure euphoria for a few seconds, until they bring you back down to earth with an ear catching drum beat and vocals. A diverse intro from the Liverpool quartet, which already makes the song stick out on any playlist.

The groovy bass riff compliments the guitar and drums so well, leaving you with a memorable melody. Also really enjoyed the stop-start pace of the track. Impeccable timing from Honey Motel, as they create some distance between them and a lot of other bands at the moment. The production of the track is so good, if it popped up on Radio 1 tomorrow you wouldn’t bat an eyelid – so clean and fresh.

Overall the bands guitar pop sounds and sensibilities are on a steep incline, as Honey Motel continue to develop at such a fast pace for a band who are only two releases in. It’s a crying shame the state the music industry is in at the moment, else you could guarantee they’d be playing some killer shows at the moment. On the plus side, let them build their catalog, and we can be here waiting, ready for when they announce their first show back.

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