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Bleach Lab’s ‘Old Ways’ gets them their first Single of the Week!

Hailing from the bustling hives of South London, the indie quartet Bleach Lab delight us yet again with their new release of the bittersweet ballad ‘Old Ways’. A beautifully melancholy addition to their discography, this is the second track to be released off their upcoming EP entitled ‘A Calm Sense of Surrounding’, and this will be available on the 19th of March.

An incredibly compelling song that focuses on the fragmentation of relationships and the waves of grief that consume a person afterward, there is no doubt that the future is bright for these mavericks of the indie dream-pop world. Comparable to the jangly tones of The Smiths and the wistful wonders of The Cure, this reverb submerged track is a gorgeous example of how to creatively channel emotions even at a time of loss. Incorporating the influences of the mystical vocal melodies of PJ Harvey and Greg Gonzalez of Cigarettes After Sex, it could even be said that Mazzy Star would be jealous of the band’s latest creation.

You told a lie, you will regret it” Jenna Kyle, the frontwoman of Bleach Lab, sings as the lyrics express a cynical bitterness towards a previous partner – it must be said that one would hate to be at the receiving end of a song as powerful as this. A haunting and magnificent release, ‘Old Ways’ presents a promising sign for Bleach Lab’s upcoming EP, and we can’t wait to hear it! 

Words by Lucy Tessier

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