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Alisa Tully releases first track of the year with ‘Parasite’

‘Parasite’ is the new single released by Ailsa Tully, a British singer-songwriter that, even only having released a few songs, has been showing her worth and potential. Her music is a mix of indie rock, indie pop, folk music, and even a little of Lo-fi hip hop, creating a “floaty” and “dreamy” vibe to it. Although, despite also being a little floaty, a more befitting word for describing ‘Parasite’ is “trippy”.

Different from her other songs, this new single is tinged with psychedelia, mostly expressed in the guitar – whose tone does an amazing job establishing the almost hallucinogenic and hypnotic energy of the track. It’s also a little – a very little, actually-  more energetic than what she has released before, despite being slow-paced.  ‘Parasite’ gets better as you listen to it, mainly because of its progressiveness and extremely solid “base”, having a catchy riff, solid drums, and a great bassline that, alongside the truly amazing guitars, serves tremendously well as the ground of the track. 

The bass is one of the main reasons for Ailsa’s vocals being at their best in this new single. She always showed that her singing is solid, being sweet and befitting for her type of song, but I believe that “Parasite” takes it to another level. Her voice, as in other songs, is kind of “whispery”, but in this single, she manages to make it stronger – as contradictory as it may sound – and it just blends perfectly with the track’s energy.

In general, ‘Parasite’ is very good. It is her most innovative single yet, and It made me truly excited to see what Ailsa will make in the future, as she continues to improve in each song she releases. I recommend that, if you liked the track too, you check out her other singles on your platform of preference.

Words by Theo Aguiar Jesuino

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