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Photo by Laura Allard Fleichl

Black Honey release their first track of 2021 with ‘Believer’

Following last year’s releases ‘I Like The Way You Die’, ‘Run For Cover’ and ‘Beaches’, Black Honey released their new track ‘Believer’ on the 8th of January. The song is another head-banging indie hit lifted from the band’s sophomore album. ‘Written and Directed’, due out on 19th March, will see the Brighton four-piece return with a clear message: “to unashamedly plant a flag in the ground for strong, world-conquering women”.

This theme is echoed on ‘Believer’. Speaking about the project, frontwoman Izzy B. Phillips said: “It’s a song to accompany your existential crisis. I wanted a religious satire that was eye-rolling at all the patriarchal nonsense of spiritual sense of self. I wanna believe in me, the outsider and the underdog”. The track’s foot-stomping melody reflects a sound that is signature Black Honey, infectious laid-back rock.

Since the release of their first album, Black Honey have graduated from being newcomers to one of UK Indie’s best acts. The latest taste from the new album proved why – Phillip’s raspy yet somehow dreamy vocals layered on top of punchy drums and wobbly guitar rhythms marry together to make a track that didn’t disappoint.

In the years since their debut, Black Honey have amassed a cult-like fan base. Teasers like ‘Believer’ only increase anticipation for the new album. If ‘Written and Directed’ is even half as well received as the band’s first album – Black Honey will be on track to fill the female-shaped gap in rock music.

Words by Vanessa Valentine

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