Alex Amor – ‘Love Language’ | EP Review

Alex Amor delivers on sleek indie-pop debut EP Love Language

2020 saw the introduction of new solo act Alex Amor, with last year being overall terrible on the whole, it did provide us with some banging new acts. Throughout 2020 the Glaswegian singer-songwriter released three tracks on the run-up to her debut EP Love Language. Finally, the EP is here in all its glory – and it’s stunning. 

It opens up with the dramatics of ‘The Part with Each Oher’, and if you’ve never heard Alex before, you get to know what she’s all about in the opener. Regardless of it being the first track of hers to be released last year, it still sounds fresh out the bag with a heavy plodding pop beat and Alex’s patented sleek vocals. 

Alex brings a style and swagger to the EP not many of us could carry, with a very “too cool for school” vibe, which comes across as effortless. This is best heard in tracks ‘Prove me right’ and the title track ‘Love Language’. Both tracks also boast these bassy drums, which work so well with the subtle guitar work in the background. ‘Love Language’ is possibly the favourite off the EP, it’s on this track you find out you’ll never be as suave as Alex, as she produces scintillating art-pop in under three minutes.

There are definite similarities between Alex’s sound and Lorde’s, with them both having these unique instrumentals combined with their stand-out vocals. Alex’s art-pop style is simply dreamy, with each track produced so exquisitely it wouldn’t sound out of place if you played it on mainstream radio. 

Alex leaves the longest track on the EP ‘So Far’ until last, so it can linger on while you appreciate the delight this release brings. The final track is much in the style of its predecessors, but slightly softer, as the acoustic guitar plays a much bigger part in this one with Alex’s vocals standing on their own.

It’s a triumphant release with Alex giving use five stellar songs, and a reason to be keeping tabs on her throughout 2021 and beyond. I hope this EP gets the recognition it deserves. For an independent artist to be producing music to this quality is exceptional and deserves a lot of recognition. God, I cannot wait for live shows to be a thing again and see this EP performed live – amazing!

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