The Psycho Relics – ‘War’ / ‘Heavy Cherry’ | New Music

Photo by Nathan Mclaren-Stewart

The Psycho Relics release 60’s infused Double A-Side Single

Sometimes releasing one song isn’t enough, so you release two, both as good as each other. This is what The Psycho Relics have done with their latest release, giving us ‘War’ and ‘Heavy Cherry’ with both delivering on all fronts.

With them both coming under three minutes, the digestible tracks are whirlwinds that seem to breeze past and urge you to hit play again. On ‘War’ the Brighton band deliver a frantic paced, guitar-driven roller coaster as they switch the pace up several times with impeccable timing. Majour props for the solo at the end, it’s complete killer.

If ‘War’ is the more mischievous of the two tracks, then ‘Heavy Cherry’ is the slightly more chilled out one, which could see you having a pint on a field with the sun beaming down. Once again we’re cherished with another delightful solo, which captures that 60’s vibe so well.

What a great pair of tracks from the quintet, and so early in the year! Looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring for them, have a listen and drop ’em a follow below.

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