The Stoned Immaculate – ‘Get Away (Jodie)’ | New Music

The Stoned Immaculate share the first track off their upcoming EP!

2021 is well underway as we’re over halfway through January, and we have more new music! Glasgow four-piece The Stoned Immaculate are back with their latest track ‘Get Away (Jodie)’, with promises that 2021 is going to be an important year for them!

Last year saw the release of the band’s debut EP Nah, and to keep the momentum they’re releasing their BRAND NEW EP in spring 2021, which brings us to ‘Get Away (Jodie), the first track off the sophomore EP.

The track is quite a simple guitar pop song, with a simple acoustic melody, laid back drums, and vocals that are effortlessly endearing. You could draw lines between some of The Libertines’ early material due to the similar vibes, but in no way does the band rip anything. It doesn’t surprise me to find out the song was written in a field somewhere – due to the chilled nature of it. Tackling the ongoing battle between you and your inner voices, and how the help of a friend can often be enough – a beautiful message wrapped up in 3 minutes

We’re treated at the end to a sweet solo which is packed with enough fuzz so you can lose yourself. At one point it’s so fuzzy it sounds like a saxophone, don’t as how, it just does.

Loved the track, and super excited for the next EP – bring on 2021 purely for more Stoned Immaculate.

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