Social Contract – ‘Waterside Mews’ | New Music

Photo by Hollie Fernando

Social Contract release first track since 2019 with ‘Waterside Mews’

Social Contract, a 5 piece band formed in 2017 in South London. A band who have an incredible talent in incorporating all 3 genres of punk, indie and metal into a single song – especially with their new track titled ‘Waterside Mews’ which just adds to the list. 

After numerous single releases, supporting Jaws on their 2017 tour, performing at The Magic Gang Life of The Party concert in Birmingham, Social Contract are on the rise and a definite band to look out for in the future. 

‘Waterside Mews’ opens with a guitar, later accompanied with the drums. Within the first few seconds, the Liam Gallagher similarities are prominent and already have you bopping your head along. It immediately spews a rough, rowdy and raw atmosphere filling every corner of your room – and that’s before the vocals have started. 

When the vocals start, the energy continues where the occasional rhyming lyrics create conformity within the song making it memorable and easy for the audience to singalong to. As the track draws to a close, the tempo begins to slow down in anticipation for the ending of a 2 mins outro which acts as an instrumental, bringing the song to a gradual close.

Words by Lily Croft

While you’re stuck in lockdown, blast Social Contract’s new song through those new speaker you got for Christmas as it’s a definite banger and a must have on your playlist! 

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