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Lizzie Reid starts 2021 strong with ‘Been Thinking About You’

Lizzie Reid was one of our One to Watch artists for 2021, after such a great end to 2020, it was obvious that this year had the potential to be special – and it’s already started off so well.

Lizzie has released her first track of the year entitled ‘Been Thinking About You’, and it could be argued that this is her finest work yet. The track opens with quite a haunting beginning, as it slowly builds until you’re thrown into a Lizzie Reid vocal pit. The song is slow paced, as the drums seem to take their time with a stalking beat, with Lizzie delivering some emotionally pulling vocals, making it sound effortless.

The song is beautifully sporadic, building and dropping with no excuse, as it paints a picutre of Lizzie’s feelings and following her lead. This really has some jazz influence to it in some respects, as it feels like it’s been recorded on the spot while their jamming, everything sounds spontaneous, fresh and completely unrehearsed. The cream of the song is in the ending, as she builds it so well with these reverbed guitars streaming through along with the punchy drums. Lizzie has definitely brought some new elements to the table with this track, showing she’s quickly growing as an artists, and it’s why we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

We’re in love with it, and we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with it too. Give the track a spin below on Spotify, and be sure to follow Lizzie on all of her socials!

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