5 Acts from the North West to listen to in 2021 | Feature

5 Acts from the North West to look out for in 2021!

After the fiasco that was 2020, many well-known bands and artists soared to the top of the charts with people boosting their music streaming time, having nothing to do and nowhere to go. But what about those bands and artists who slipped under the radar? For musical acts who were just starting out or beginning to build their platform this time last year, the months ahead must have been unimaginably tough.

Here is a list of the top 5 best acts to listen to and look out for in 2021, shining a light on the North West region…

ballamona band 2020


This 5-piece band from Manchester are relatively new on the scene, having only released their first studio song ‘What Do You Beat’ back in 2019. The band’s latest single ‘Draw The Line’ showcases their captivating rock sound within 3 minutes, making it extra appealing by containing elements of that classic Manchester-rock band sound. If you haven’t given these guys a listen, I would highly recommend it, especially if Muse and The Black Keys are your sort of thing. 

peach fuzz band 2020
Photo by Aiyush Pachnanda

The Peach Fuzz

With a sound somewhat reminiscent of The Cure, The Peach Fuzz are a mixed gender Liverpool-based Indie/Alternative band. They currently have 3 songs released, including their latest single ‘Softie’. Frontman Nathaniel Cummings has a stage presence resemblant of Matty Healy and with the band falling perfectly into place, it creates the ultimate cocktail for a live show. The group formed in high school and despite everything that 2020 put in their way, there is no doubt they will go on to bigger and better things in the future with their uplifting music carrying them forward. 

Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC, full name Charlotte Mary O’Connor, is a singer-songwriter from Blackburn. With music comparable to the likes of MARINA, along with a voice similar to the low tones of Miley Cyrus, her music makes for a highly interesting listen. With one album and several singles to her name, Charlotte OC has her foot firmly planted in the music and song writing world. The singer is set to play ‘Highest Point’ Festival in May 2021 but with the uncertainties of Covid-19, we can only hope this goes ahead.

jamie webster 2020

Jamie Webster 

The Liverpool singer-songwriter, also a former electrician, rose to fame very quickly in 2018 after a video of him covering ‘L’Estate Sta Finendo’ (changing the words to ‘Allez Allez Allez’) went viral. Webster went on to reach number one in the Folk Album Chart and became a well-known singer at multiple Liverpool FC fan events, as well as singing outside Anfield Stadium on various matchdays. He has now gone on to write more songs for the fans, as well as release his own Folk music and the viral video helped to give him the platform his easy-on-the-ear music deserves. 

larkins band 2020


Last but not least on this list is the Manchester-based Alternative/Indie band Larkins. The band gained attention back in 2019 with the release of their EP ‘TV Dream’. All the songs on this EP did extremely well, bringing in more than 3 million streams on Spotify for the title song, ‘TV Dream’. The highlight of their career so far is their homecoming show at the Albert Hall in Manchester, where they released the album of the live performance following this milestone. The band have been described as potentially being ‘Manchester’s next arena act’ in a review by Manchester Evening News, hinting that big things are in store for the 4-piece.

What bands would you recommend listening to this year?

Words by Hannah Youds

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