Acts we’re excited for in 2021 | Feature

After a shocking 2020, we name our bands & artists you should look out for in 2021!

The Novus

Regardless of 2020 being terrible, The Novus consistently pushed forward and presisted on creating. Whether it was doing several cool things online like giveaways or moving in together so they could concentrate on music, the situation clearly didn’t dampen their spirits. Along with this, they managed to pull off an amazing livestream which just made me crave for live shows even more, due to the charismatics of frontman Connor and the sheer energy that’s created by their performance. 2021 can be a special year for the Black Sabbath’s art-raged Grandchildren (Had to use that name, it was too good not to.

Listen to The Novus here



Birmingham based artist Graywave came into WFM’s lives half way through 2020 with her beautiful track With Me’ which was unlucky to not get Single of the Week that week. Graywave also released ‘Like Heaven’ (Which did get SOTW) in December which capped off a solid 2020, but this year promises to be bigger. With the sound officially down, Graywave has shared several ideas on social media, and they all sound like they could tear walls down it’s that good. Extremely excited to see/hear what Jes is going to do this year, and hopefully live shows can come back and I can witness the music live.

Listen to Graywave here

candid band 2020
Photo by Garry Jones


Despite their many set backs in 2020 and the whole music industry coming to a stand still, Coventry sweethearts Candid didn’t let that stop them. Performing for BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend, and releasing three incredible tunes, the band of four are only just getting started. With lots up their sleeve and the right attitude, this will be their year and nothing will be able to stop them – get ready for them to take over the world.

Listen to Candid here

chartreuse band 2020
Photo by Conor Schofield


You may know that we’re big fans of Chartreuse here at WFM, the band have consistently continued to push their very unique style of music and last year was probably one of their biggest years musically. If we had the luxury of live shows, there’s no doubt 2020 would’ve been even bigger for them. 2019 (Even Free Money Doesn’t Get Me Out of Bed) & 2020 (Keep Checking Up on Me) both saw the band release new EP’s, so hopefully 2021 will bring the same for the midlands act with some more heart shaking sounds to fall in love with.

Listen to Chartreuse here

lizzie reid 2020

Lizzie Reid

Lizzie Reid started her solo career back in 2020, releasing three beauties with ‘Seamless’, Tribute’ and her most listened to ‘Always Lovely’. Starting to write and release music in any year is difficult, but special credit has to go to Lizzie for debuting in the difficult circumstances of 2020. With 2021 hopefully being a better year, hopefully Lizzie can continue to produce high quality music with her wonderful strpped back acoustic sound.

Listen to Lizzie Reid here!

the roly mo band 2020

The Roly Mo

The Roly Mo are a four-piece punk outfit from Glasgow who formed in 2016. In a pre-COVID-19 world the boys were winning over audiences at their exhilarating live shows, supporting bands like Rascalton and The Dunts, gaining them a loyal fanbase in Glasgow’s thriving punk scene. In September they unleashed their debut EP on us, and we haven’t stopped listening to it since! The self-titled EP features 6 massive guitar-heavy tracks that are equally cool, confident and dripping with attitude. Anthemic tracks like ‘I’ll Be Happy When You Die’ and ‘Control Yourself’ are sure to get you hooked on their fresh carefree sound. With talks of a second EP, we can’t wait to see what they get up to this year!

Listen to The Roly Mo Here!


‘She may be small, but she is fierce.’

Step forward an artist we’ve adored seeing flourish in the final few months of 2020, and as all of her socials suggest: She’s called Mouse. Our fun sized Pop Angel took a huge step into refining and strengthening her sound last year, and while we’ll never forget the tracks that we first fell in love with (‘Nothing Comes Close,’ ‘Grow’), we can’t see where her path takes her after her latest track ‘A.N.D.’

Listen to Mouse here

Callow Youth

The four piece from Failsworth and Tameside burst on the scene in 2017 with their punky, indie sound. Their single ‘Red Leather‘ was a big seller on vinyl and their gigs are sellouts all over the country. Consistently writing great new material backed by their energetic live shows 2021 could be the year they become Manchester’s next big success story.

Listen to Callow Youth here

headshrinkers band 2020
Photo by Rosie Mulhern


If there is anything worth saying about Headshrinkers, it’s that they made the last quarter of 2020 their bitch. With two single releases that embodied anxiety driven post-punk sounds with an urgent flick, Headshrinkers provided the Midlands with a fresh sound that it hasn’t had for a while now. ‘Caught Between Two Stools’ sky rocketed their profile in the past month where they now sit with over ten thousand monthly Spotify listeners. They’re bound to make a big impact on the Midlands scene this year with their wordy verses and massive chorus’.

Listen to Headshrinkers here


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