Graywave – ‘Like Heaven’ | SOTW

Photo by Kayla May

Graywave releases a wall of noise with ‘Like Heaven’

Look. We’re not going to pretend there hasn’t been a lot to contend with this week. It’s like we say in every Song Of The Week that more shit has been piled onto the shit we were already processing from the last seven days, and lo and behold the penultimate week of 2020 has re-hheeeeally pulled it out of the bag.

Let us bring your attention to Graywave. Honestly, you’ll want to hear us out on this. In amongst one of the nosiest months of all time, Brum based artist Jess Webberley has provided a safe haven of soft, shoegazey tones that sponsor that small part of your mind that might still have space to take it easy.

‘Like Heaven’ is the musical equivalent to when you were little, fell asleep in the car and then your parents picked you up and took you home. You’re not sure how you’ve woken back up in your big safe bed, but here you are with Graywave’s comforting strums to reassure you it’s alright to take a breather.

It’s maybe been said to death this year but it is still so, so important to take a break and look after your noggin. It’s easily forgotten when it’s had so much to contend with today, let alone everything since NYE 2019. We can’t recommend streaming Graywave’s spacey, beautiful track enough and just keep it as a special, safe space for yourself. We’ll tell everyone about it for you.

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