Holly Rees – ‘Last Christmas’ | SOTW

Holly rees
Photo by Will Gorman

Holly Reese gets us in the Chrismas spirit and gets Single of the Week for it!

HO HO HOOOOOO yes my friends, this was the song you were waiting for. You mightn’t have known it, you maybe didn’t even think it – but here we are, in the last slog in the worst year of all time and we’ve been blessed with a blinder of a cover by the most beautiful girl in the North East.

Holly Rees has been the gift that just keeps giving (CHRISTMAS PUNS, BABY!) from the very beginning to the end of this God Awful year. You only need to look back to March to see her making independent venues her own, for her to go on to bringing fans and friends together in as many live streams we could have asked for. Yes we did daft poster competitions, yes we saw her make gravy on the Gram and yes, we loved every minute of it.

Our favourite folky-indie icon took a time that’s been particularly turbulent and made it about reflection. Holly’s Patreon has been a thing of real beauty, and she’s perfected the art of staying close to listeners despite not being able to physically see them. She kept her music relevant, her messages close and more importantly she managed to curate the sense of community we were so achingly missing from the independent music scene.

If this is what she’s capable of when she’s stuck indoors, we cannot wait to see how she’s going to school 2021. For now though, we’ve got every tune that kept us sweet until we can see Holly’s next gig – tickets just here.

And now we’ve got Last Christmas. Fuck me, we’re lucky.

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