Liam Gallagher – Down By The River Thames | Live Review

liam gallagher down by the river thames

Liam Gallagher makes a legendary return to live music with his virtual live show streamed exclusively on Melody VR

Liam Gallagher floating on a barge down the river Thames on a freezing cold evening in December as the sun sets behind him is not something you see very often, but that is exactly what fans got the pleasure of experiencing on Saturday night as the British icon made his glorious return to live music.   

Gallagher is joined by his full nine-piece band, including former Oasis guitarist Bonehead, to perform a 16-song set featuring tracks from both of his solo albums as well as some Oasis classics. 

The set starts off with aptly named Oasis classic ‘Hello’ which doesn’t usually feature on his solo sets. Liam looks dressed for the cold in his winter hat, parka and sunglasses as he shakes his maracas along to the nostalgic track. His distinctive voice sounds healthy and on good form as he sings into the mic with his hands behind his back in his famous stance. 

But it’s not just the Oasis tracks that stand out, Liam is on perfect form for the mighty bluesy-rock track ‘Wall Of Glass’ from his first album. The following two tracks are taken from his latest album ‘Why Me? Why Not’. ‘Halo’ is energetic and features a hilarious recorder solo from the frontman, whilst swaggering ‘Shockwave’ really packs a punch with its brutal riffs and roaring vocals. 

liam gallagher river thames

Noisy oasis bangers ‘Columbia’ and ‘Fade Away’ come next. ‘Columbia’ is ferocious as Liam’s vocals are once again spot on. It’s nice to see ‘Fade Away’ on the setlist too as it hasn’t featured on either of the Gallagher’s live sets for years.

Next up is ‘Why Me? Why Not’, the title track taken from his latest album followed by dirty ‘Greedy Soul’. It sounds huge with its infectious guitar riffs and sneering vocals.  

The highlights of the night for me are ‘The River’ and ‘Once’, also taken from his latest album but are already classics. The former is fiery and very appropriate for the set with poignant lyrics about “money sucking MP’s”. The latter is a ballad that Is packed full of emotion making for a nice change of pace.

It picks up again with powerful fan-favourite ‘Morning Glory’ followed by ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ which is full of attitude. Liam even calls out Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnston “That’s for you fuckin’ Rishi wishy washy, and fuckin’ Doris”. It wouldn’t be a Liam Gallagher performance without some drama now would it? 

The set draws to a close with three more Oasis classics. Liam absolutely nails his vocal delivery on rock n roll track ‘Headshrinker’ then goes straight into the enormous ‘Supersonic’ followed by chilling ‘Champagne Supernova’.

For the encore Gallagher plays dreamy new Christmas single ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’. An instant classic and perfect for this time of year; he sings with emotion, love and hope, closing the evening on a soft note.  

With many artists currently streaming live performances from home, it is a welcomed change so see something a bit different from Liam Gallagher. He made the night memorable with a brilliant set and an iconic location with the barge passing some famous London landmarks including the O2 Arena, the dome, and the London eye. Liam is still on brilliant form and shows no signs of stopping any time soon. 

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